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Mission Statement

The mission of Ka-Dash Hospice is to serve patients and families spiritually and mentally by providing holistic compassionate care to those suffering from terminal diseases through traditional pharmacological solutions while exploring every holistic option for pain and symptom management. We aim to enter deliberate partnership with patients and their families through supportive services and continued education all while promoting quality of life and dignity throughout their journey.

Our Vision

 Ka-Dash Hospice will be an integral part of the communities we serve and be recognized as innovators in the field of holistic hospice care while establishing a new culture of care that prioritizes the needs of the patients and their families.

Our Values

Ka-Dash Hospice’s core values are compassion, holistic care, dignity, excellence, and respect. Our core values motivate and 

guide us as we strive to honor the time we share with patients and their families as their partners during their hospice experience.

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