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  • Is it true that hospice care is only for the very end of life with days or hours left to live?
    No, hospice care is available to patients with life limiting illnesses who are seeking medical care to alleviate their pain and treat their symptoms for comfort rather than work to cure their disease. The insurance benefit covers the last six months of life.
  • Who pays for hospice care?
    Medicare, Medicaid, VA Benefits and most private insurance plans cover the cost of hospice care.
  • Who can make a referral to hospice?
    Anyone associated with the patient can refer them to Ka-Dash Hospice. After we receive the refera, our staff will contact the patient’s primary physician to verify that the patient is appropriate for hospice care.
  • Does hospice hasten dying?
    No, hospice does not expedite or delay death. It is care provided to patients to make them more comfortable and peaceful during “end of life care.”
  • When is the right time to ask about hospice?
    We welcome everyone to become educated about hospice early, and dispel any myths and worries about what hospice care is. By having these discussions in advance, patients and their families can make an educated decision about hospice.
  • How does hospice care begin?
    Hospice care begins as soon as the formal request or a“referral” is made by the patient’s doctor. A representative from Ka-Dash Hospice will schedule a visit with the patient within 48 hours of their referral to our care. Our team is ready to begin service within a day or two of the referral. However, in urgent situations, hospice services may begin sooner.
  • What happens if I cannot stay at home due to my increasing care needs and require a different place to stay during my final phase of life?
    We here at Ka-Dash have a relationship with a free-standing term care facility that will welcome our patients who need increasing care. However, care in these facilities are not covered under the Medicare or Medicaid Hospice Benefit. We advise our patients to find out, well before hospice may be needed, if insurance or any other payer covers this type of care or if patients or their families will be responsible for payment.
  • Can I receive hospice care if I live in a nursing facility or another type of long-term care facility?
    Hospice services can be provided to a terminally ill person wherever they live. The hospice and the nursing home will have a written agreement making it pssibe fr Ka-Dash Hospice to serve ur patients living in long-term facilities.
  • How long can I remain in hospice care?
    There is no definite time limit for receiving hospice care as long as the patient is still eligible for hospice care and the services are still covered by the patient’s provider. The patient can chse t stop receiving hospice services at any time if their conditions improve or if they want to seek a cure for their disease.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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